Jennifer Tytler

Ms. Jennifer Tytler, the Principal of J.D. Tytler School, New Delhi, states, “In year 1992 when I was brought to Dr. R. K. Tuli, I was bed-ridden for previous five years due to pain and disabilities of Sero-Positive Rheumatoid Arthritis involving every joint in my body, along with Cervical & L-S Spondylitis and three Slip-Discs in my lumbar spine. I had been hospitalized under care of the best specialists here, and later under leading Doctors in London and New York. But, of no avail. But, within 3-4 months of drug-free Holistic Medicine therapy comprising Acupuncture, Yoga modalities, and the Healing Touch of Dr. Tuli, I was miraculously CURED of all my ailments that have stood good with me over the last 25 years.” She likes to add further, “Dr. Tuli’s therapy is truly Holistic in the literal sense that it addresses the person as a whole, ‘body-mind-soul’. It didn’t merely help all my joints and entire spine get well concurrently; it brought an unimaginable equanimity to the mind and uplift in the spirit that I continue to enjoy, today, 25 years later!