Alternative Medicine – Holistic Medicine in Organ Failure

The dream of organ transplant for all should simultaneously explore to harvest the simple potential of traditional systems of health.  . . . . . Dr. R. K Tuli

We should learn a lesson from limitations of reach of any modern surgical support to the masses from an ever increasing backlog of blindness in the world due to cataract which can be corrected by a 5-minute simple procedure costing merely a few hundred rupees.  The dream of organ transplant as a national programme for all, in the face of failure of ‘Health for All’ on sophisticated conventional model, may remain a utopian dream. The largest eye bank in Asia at LV Prasad Eye Institute of Hyderabad’s Ramayamma International Eye Bank leads the record in whole world to have just achieved in 25 years to harvest over 36,000 donor corneas, and transplanted over 20,000 of them to needy patients.

We’ve to think right at this stage the future of our national Organ Transplant campaign recently launched with a great fanfare. It may be another achievement we may gun for as an example of trying to reach for the mars at a time when the nation suffers from hunger, backwardness, illiteracy and poor health.

If we were to learn a lesson, we should simultaneously explore to harvest the easily accessible simple potential of traditional systems of health for reversal of their damage and to rejuvenate sick organs. We may have limited example of its scope at this stage, but it has the potential of a “eureka” possibility through large scale scientific studies to make a global beginning.

Dr. Tuli states that it’s a highly reproducible phenomenon, thus qualifying its scientific validation, as elucidated through the following case stories. The outcome of each patient has been much easier, healthier, at a fraction of cost,  and far superior and lasting results restoring highest ‘quality of life’ compared to progressive morbidity and eventual moretality in conventional medical management.

“In the year 2004, I was diagnosed to suffer from Ch. Renal Failure-ESRD and in 2005, I was started on dialysis three times in a week. Doctor told my daughter that I need Kidney Transplant. But, her boss Ms. Prema Sagar recommended that I consult Dr. Tuli at “SOHAM” clinic. With great suspicion and reservation, making sure that the holistic therapy in no way interfered with my ongoing medical treatment, I started it here. Today, 11 years later as I visit this clinic for my wife’s treatment, I feel proud in writing that with his ‘HEALING TOUCH’ I had got fully CURED in nearly four months, both my kidney have remained fully functional, and I’ve lived my life fully ever since. I pray to God for Dr. Tuli’s greater success to cure other like me.”

..…Colonel (Retd.) B.K. Chathli, Greater NOIDA

“I have been suffering from uncontrolled blood pressure leading to kidney problem (HTN + CKD – ESRD + Renal Lithiasis + Anemia) with poor health, from last one year. The doctors told me for Dialysis and Kidney Transplant in Sir Gangaram Hospital. But, since I came to Dr. Tuli, it was a great experience. My mental, physical and emotional health started improving immediately, and after nearly three months of treatment at this “SOHAM” Clinic, my kidneys have also improved a lot. I feel proud to write that my total health has improved from a grade of  2/10 to 10/10, now. Dr. Tuli is a God for me.”

…..Manoj Sohi, Haridwar (Utttrakhand)

“I’ve been given a SECOND LIFE! I had slipped into Hepatic Coma & Total Renal Shut Down following Chronic Progressive Multi-Virus Hepatitis. My family sought the services of Dr. R.K. Tuli, the renowned Holistic Physician at the stage when specialists at AIIMS gave up on me! Due to his sincere and vigorous support I’ve fully regained my liver functions. What’s amazing is that the universally INCURABLE ‘C’ & ‘E’ Antigens and all the Virus load has been eliminated from my body. My health has bounced back to be better than in previous ten years, and I’ve resumed my medical practice nearly after three years of its closure due to my morbidity.”      – Dr. Deepak Chandra, Vishnupura, Kanpur (U.P.)

Holistic Medicine is the wholesome approach to Health where each individual is treated as a whole ‘Body, Mind & Spirit’ by a synergy of the evidence based ‘science’ of modern medicine with the complementary and highly  reproducible time honoured ‘art’ of drug-free modalities of  the various officially recognised traditional systems of health to restore the disturbed ‘internal milieu’ of the individual to initiate one’s own natural inherent infinite healing  that leads to elimination of all sickness and to restore positive health and total wellness.    . . . . . Dr. R. K. Tuli

Holistic Medicine = Modern + Traditional Medicine

(Alternate = Traditional + NewAge)

[Conservative Medicine + Life-Style & Stress Management + Ashtanga Yoga + Acupuncture-Reflexology + Panchakarma-Detoxification + Counseling-Hypnotherapy- PLRT-NLP + Reiki-Pranic Healing-Chakra Balancing + Regenerative Medicine]

The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest factor in getting well” . . . . . Hippocrates

“Holistic Medicare facilitates this very force in getting well from any sickness.”    . . . . . Dr. R. K. Tuli

The all inclusive and integrative approach to health termed Holistic MediCare, available at the unique Dr. Tuli’s Clinic helps to extend the best of each system of medicine, at the same time overcome inherent deficiencies in the respective systems, to offer a ‘synergy’ of all of them to ensure ‘Health For All’ at all ages of life, and all stages of every sickness.

This latest speciality of medicine is called Holistic Medicine. It’s a board certified specialty in the U.S. for nearly two decades, and is catching up very fast amongst all the developed nations. Therefore, it’s high time that we adopt it into our health care and make our living years happy and productive.


      “MAY THIS TREATMENT BE AVAILABLE TO ALL PEOPLE”       “I’m grateful to Dr. Tuli to help me get over drug-resistant and persistent numbness in my fingers and problems with my shoulder due to Cervical Spondylosis-Radiculopathy and Peri-Arthritis Shoulder. The treatment sessions helped me to relax, tensions were gone and I felt rejuvenated. This therapy, also, helped my husband suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. I hope this treatment will become available to more people in our country.”                        . . . Margaret Alva, Fmr. Union Minister Govt. Of India and Governor of  Uttarakhand & Rajasthan                           

                            “POST- RETIREMENT REHAB. & GLORY”                                                   

 “I had retired from Weight Lifting as an international player and become a Coach after obtaining a diploma from NIS Patiala. I went to Dr. Tuli’s Holistic Clinic in 1992 for my nagging Pain in Wrists, Knees and Spine attributed by doctors due to Chronic Injuries of the sport over the years. The treatment did such MAGIC on me that I resumed my sport, once again, and perhaps for the first time in the history of the sport a coach returned player I went on to represent India and tied for 3 Gold Medals at Asian and 3 Bronze Medals at World Weight Lifting Championships, respectively. Due to this achievement I was given ARJUNA AWARD and got the job of a Deputy Superintendent of Police in CISF, for which I shall remain ever grateful to Dr. Tuli. I’ve seen Dr. Tuli help many other sports persons to win surprise medals”.                                                                                                                                                                 . . . Chhaya Adak, ARJUNA Awardee Weight Lifting

 IT BECAME AUSTRALIA-ENGLAND-NEPAL-INDIA QUADRANGLE”                                                                                                 

“My son Sarthak lived with my mother in Nepal after he was diagnosed to suffer from ‘CEREBRAL PALSY’ by doctors in England as at the age 4 years he could not sit up on his own, stand or walk, his IQ was very low and he could talk very few confusing words. According to them modern medicine anywhere in world did not offer any hope to this problem! But, my brother in Australia met a similar child who had been successfully cured by Dr. Tuli at New Delhi, and he advised me to go and see him. Today, after nearly six months of his drug free Holistic Medicine therapy, I am pleased to report that true MIRACLE has taken place! My child can now talk, walk smartly, dance beautifully, and has turned out to be one of the most clever and friendly children. Our whole family thanks Dr. Tuli for having been a God to us.”        . . . Sudha Kanel, Middlesex, U.K.   

 “I FOUND MY GURU IN INDIA”                                                                 

 “After a few years of wandering from Doctor to Doctor in the U.S. to find relief from my Chronic Fatigue, Body Aches, Loss of Libido and Dizziness-TINNITUS which had taken the smile out from my life, I came down to India in search of remedy to my problems. I was totally fed up with modern medicine. At Delhi’s Apollo Hospital, I was guided to Dr. R. K. Tuli at the Department of Holistic Medicine. Skeptically, but with little hope, I started treatment with him. To my amazement, and also to the relief of my family, I started to show signs of ENERGY and ENJOYMENT almost instantly. Smile has, once again, returned to my gloomy face and I am now returning home with all the vitality and happiness to pursue goals of my life. In the meantime I have found a ‘GURU’ in Dr. Ravi Tuli, who has taught me how to live life!”…..SONAM SARIN, CA 91304, USA

     “AFTER ALL MEDICAL & SURGICAL TREATMENTS FAILED”                 “The miserable pain in my left wrist only denigrated further over the previous eight months, in spite of various pain killers and all efforts including injections into the joint by four successive top orthopedic docs of Delhi. But, once with Dr. Tuli, I’ve fully recovered in just 20 treatments! That too without any drugs!! The greater miracle is that my 15 year’s of post-surgical restrictions in shoulder movements, muscle wasting and loss of sensation in right arm have disappeared concurrently. I am also relieved of nagging pains in knees, neck and low back; the headaches that were a part of me ever since I remember have vanished too. Such can be the wonder of Holistic Medicare.                           . . . .  Dilshad Mustafa, Embassy of Iran, New Delhi