Dipika Massey

“I begin with a Big THANK YOU – due to you I’ve started to enjoy my life, again!” She states, “ I came to “SOHAM” with the problem of Choroiditis /AMPPE, after I found that prescribed medicines only deteriorated my health further causing Weight Gain, Hair Loss, Osteopenia, Depression, Fatigue & Loss of Strength. I worried as I might soon lose my vision too! But, from the first day Dr. Tuli commenced his therapy, I got strength to battle with my disease. Today, I’m declared FIT by my Eye doctors, as I feel in the PINK of health with progressive positive thoughts. What is unique about this therapy is that besides feeling really well, I now feel strongly connected to my ‘Divine’!”


Physical       Mental Emotional       Spiritual

Before / Now:        -0 / 8 1 / 9              -0 / 8 1 / 10

                                             . . . Dipika Massey, Dilshad Garden, New Delhi