6Dec, 2018
International Fame Awards – 2018, GOA

“Another ‘feather-in-the-cap’ of “SOHAM” having established its credibility as the globally ‘Unique’ Centre of Holistic MediCARE & CURE, promising Eradication of All Sickness and Restoration of Positive Health & Total Wellness ‘Body-Mind-Spirit’. This ‘unique’ centre has a proven record of eradication of all sickness at any stage or any age, that too without the use of any medicines or medical interventions by initiating the inherent natural healing force of the individual. The hallmark of this therapy is that it’s highly predictable, reproducible, and sustainable – meaning the CURE is permanent and for ever as it helps to eliminate the very root cause of the disease. It add ‘quality-to-life’ of each individual, and all this at a fraction of the cost of conventional care.”

About “SOHAM” The Clinic for Holistic MediCARE & CURE

The all inclusive and integrative approach to health termed Holistic MediCare, available at the unique Dr. Tuli’s Clinic helps to extend the best of each system of medicine, at the same time overcome inherent deficiencies in the respective systems, to offer a ‘synergy’ of all of them to ensure ‘Health For All’ at all ages of life, and all stages of every sickness. This latest speciality of medicine is called Holistic Medicine. It’s a board certified specialty in the U.S. for nearly two decades, and is catching up very fast amongst all the developed nations. Therefore, it’s high time that we adopt it into our health care and make our living years happy and productive.

“SOHAM” The Clinic for Holistic MediCARE & CURE
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6Nov, 2018
Dr. (Prof) R K Tuli, as a Holistic Medicine Physician successfully helping various kinds of CANCER, has reasons to feel greater sense of achievement than even the Nobel Prize winner

New Delhi: Holistic Medicine practitioners in India have for long been telling and practising what this year’s recipients of Nobel for medicine have claimed as a new principle of cancer therapy.

Nobel recipients’ research has underlined that the immune system of cancer patients can be converted into most effective weapon to eliminate their deadly tumours.

Holistic medicine works exactly on the same principle but whenever its practitioners showcased their success stories and testimonials, they invariably invited jeers and ridicule. Their cancer cure testimonials would be dismissed as anecdotal.

Holistic Medicine practitioners think that the reason for which the Nobel for medicine has been awarded vindicate their claims. They think as good as got Nobel. Dr R.K.Tuli, a renowned Holistic medicine practitioner, has come out with his success stories in cancer treatments.

Talking to Medicare News, Dr Tuli, formerly at Indraprastha Apollo hospital and Indian Air Force, said that his Holistic Medicine Clinic Soham at New Friend’s Colony can boast of successfully treating many cancer patients. Dr Tuli, also a renowned Acupuncturist, further said, ‘ Our holistic medicine is drug free and a happy blending of Ayurveda’s Panchkarma, Yoga, Acupuncture, life style counselling, reflexology and hypnotism etc. The concoction unleashes the immune system that finally kills cancer tumours. We also effectively compliment modern medicine and undo its side effects.’

Sample his testimonials as follow.
The case of 42 years Pratap Singh, a farmer from district Muzaffarnagar, speaks a volume about the efficacy of holistic medicine in Soham.

Pratap says, ‘I was confirmed with the diagnosis of Cancer in my Mouth having spread to the glands in right half of my neck at the Safdarjang Hospital nearly seven years ago. I was advised radical surgery, involving removal of right half of the jaw bone and extensive dissection of the neck to remove affected lymph nodes, followed by radiation of the area and chemotherapy. I was mortified with the thought of going through all this. I decided it was better to die than undergo the torture. At this stage, I followed the advice of my brother-in-law who took me to Dr. R. K. Tuli at his “SOHAM” Clinic. After, three months of regular Holistic therapy, the Doctors at Safdarjang Hospital could not find radiological evidence of my disease.’

Mr. Satish Bhatia, a 70 years old business entrepreneur from Delhi states suffered from ADENOCARCINOMA Grade II of PROSTATE. Mr Bhatia says, ‘heeding the advice of my son who lives in California, USA, I consulted Dr. Tuli and felt fully convinced about his holistic healing ability and went through his sessions till Urologist declared me CANCER FREE and fully CURED! Successive follow-ups by doctors at the top NCR Delhi hospital over the last three years continue to endorse success of this therapy.

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