From Addiction to Aversion

Unable to fight your obsession with consuming tobacco? Here is an inclusive and harmless drug-free therapy comprising laser-acupuncture, reflexotherapy, hypnosis, along with lifestyle, nutrition and relaxation techniques that all help to instantly alleviate stress, anxiety and withdrawal effects of tobacco….
By Dr R. K Tuli

Any addiction is never a reflection on the character of the individual. But, it happens as a result of disturbance in the complex balance of neurotransmitters in the brain. The individual seeks solace from the active chemicals in the used substance, which is identified to be nicotine in the case of tobacco.

The root cause of any substance dependence, abuse or addiction stems from repeated positive memory, e.g., that smoking or chewing tobacco brings relief from stressful situations, gives pleasure, enhances ego parity with the peer group, or builds a macho image. This process is further strengthened by sophisticated publicity by tobacco companies.

Unfortunately, no specific medication or particular system of medicine offers reliable and lasting solution to tobacco or any other substance abuse. But, the ‘science’ of practice of medicine combined with its ‘art’ termed Holistic Medicine, enables a very efficient protocol based on optimum synergy of drug-free natural and harmless modalities of various recognised systems of medicine that gives instant success in over 90% patients with sustainable benefits in willing individuals.

The need to quit tobacco may be created through health education of the people to its harmful effects and raising the realisation that by continuing to consume tobacco they are:

A Indulging in ‘self-poisoning’;
B Inviting pre-mature aging, and disabilities associated with old age;
C Developing early sexual incompetence, infertility, and giving birth to a child with deformities;
D Leading to much higher probability to suffer from ill health, and die from lung diseases, diabetes and its complications, hypertension, heart disease or cardiovascular accidents, all cancers – especially of mouth, throat, larynx and esophagus, etc.;

The individual must appreciate the need to live healthy, increase his chances of living longer, and gain many extra years of happy, healthy existence for himself and his family. By stopping to consume tobacco would save huge expenditure first due to tobacco consumption, and later due to prolonged poor health, increased medical costs due to inevitable sicknesses, prolonged suffering in the long run, and finally early, painful and expensive death.

To get rid of tobacco after 10 or 20 years is a tough challenge. It needs waging a total war on this front! But, the rewards shall be great!! Success in quitting smoking at any stage can reverse its damages over a period of time, and by adopting a healthy lifestyle the individual can regain positive health and total wellness for decades to come.

To ensure a win in this war, I, as a Holistic Physician, have designed a ‘perfect’ all inclusive and integrative harmless drug-free therapy comprising laser-acupuncture, reflexotherapy, hypnosis, along with life-style, nutrition and relaxation technique that helps to instantly alleviate stress, anxiety and withdrawal effects of tobacco. It helps to ‘erase’ all past experiences associated with tobacco intake and regulate healthy balance of neurotransmitters in the brain to restore confidence, self-esteem, as well as develop instant aversion to tobacco.


A case-study in point is 50-year-old Arun Tulsian, who was chewing 40-50 packets of ‘gutka’ daily since the age of 20 and developed pre-cancerous oral fibrosis with the result that he couldn’t open his mouth more than one finger wide. He was suffering from poor health, chronic fatigue, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, severe back pain and inability to walk even a few yards. “The treatment at Dr. R. K. Tuli’s clinic for Holistic Medicare “SOHAM” for the last four months has given me a new life. I’ve been able to get rid of ‘gutka’ completely, my mouth can now open freely and my taste buds have recovered to enjoy the food again. Besides, I’m full of energy, vitality, pain-free, and follow a healthy life-style including regular Yoga as advised by Dr. Tuli,” says a much-relieved Tulsian.

This all-inclusive and integrated therapy, not only enables to permanently get rid of tobacco and all other addictions, but also activates concurrent elimination of all morbidity due to associated diseases giving an experience of total rejuvenation and positive wellness comprising “body-mind-spirit.” Dr. Tuli wishes all qualified doctors to rise above the limitations of their specialities and enhance their skills to offer Holistic Medicare to their patients and restore old glory of the medical profession.

Patient Success Stories

“I thank GOD first, and then Dr Poonam & Dr Ravi Tuli for their treatment in helping my husband, a Senior Surgeon himself, quit heavy smoking and binge drinking. He has, also, improved his health, and restored equanimity and energy.”
 Dr Ashima Vikram, Gynaecologist
“I brought my husband to Dr Tuli as he indulged in heavy smoking, and ‘morbid alcoholism’ when all treatments, including long stays at different rehabilitation clinics failed to help him. At the end of two months out-door drug-free treatment, he has not only overcome his addiction to alcohol, but he has become a very healthy, sane and confident person. His liver function tests are now normal. ”
 Alia Shaurique
“After the very first session of laser therapy and counseling by Dr Tuli, I didn’t have any desire to take Gutka! Now, after one week of this therapy, I thank God that I’ve been able to leave the habit of taking 15-20 packets of this poison every day for the last 24 years.”
 Latish Malhotra
“I used to smoke 40-50 cigarettes a day, but after taking this simple holistic therapy by Dr. Tuli, I am 100% smoke free, calm and confident.”
 Deen Dayal Goyal
“I used to smoke 25 cigarettes a day for last 35 years. After 2 sessions of therapy by Dr Tuli, my body does not crave for smoke. But due to old habit, if I ever light a cigarette, I feel horrible after 2-3 puffs!”
 Sudarshan Sharma


(The author is former Chief Consultant Holistic Medicine, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals & Indian Air Force, and Founder, Society For Holistic Advancement of Medicine, “SOHAM”)