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Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine is the wholesome approach to health by a synergy of all the officially recognized and evidence based ‘science’ of modern medicine with the time honoured ‘art’ of traditional systems of health for positive health and Total Wellness of each individual and society.

A global realization that it would never be possible to meet health expectations of the Immunity with the conventional model, based entirely on the modern system of medicine, the WHO

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For Any Pain - Incurable Pain, Stress - Depression - Fatigue, Phychosomatic Ailments, Auto Immune Diseases, Allergy: Asthma - Eczema, Uncontrolled Diabetes, CAD: Save By-Pass/ Stents, Artritis & Spondylosis, Bacjpane & Sciatica, Dementia & Parkinsons, Viral: PUO, HIV/ AIDS, Hepatitis, Sexual Health (ED/ PME), Smoking - Alcohol - Drugs

“Soham” The Clinic of Holistic Medicine

सम्पूर्ण | सन्तुलित | सात्विक | सम्पन्न | सक्षम
Mission Total Wellness
Pioneering the clinical efficacy of Holistic Medicine and highlighting the ‘Body-Mind-Soul’ approach to health, Dr (Prof.) Ravi K Tuli has achieved globa...
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Dr. R K Tuli on Holistic treatment of Asthma on Sahara Samay live
This program is dedicated for awareness of all that Br. ASTHMA, which is very harmful to health at all ages of life and incurable by medications, is easily r...
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Dr.(Prof.) R K Tuli receiving National Award from Dr. C P Thakur, former Union Minister of Health for Excellence in Pioneering Holistic Medicine in India and highlighting its benefits for “AFFORDABLE HEALTH FOR ALL”
According to the Vedic saying, “Dharmartha Kama Mokshanan – Shariram Mulamuthamam”, whatever we wish to achieve in life, whether education, success, we...
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