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For Any Pain – Incurable Pain, Stress – Depression – Fatigue, Phychosomatic Ailments, Auto Immune Diseases, Allergy: Asthma – Eczema, Uncontrolled Diabetes, CAD: Save By-Pass/ Stents, Artritis & Spondylosis, Bacjpane & Sciatica, Dementia & Parkinsons, Viral: PUO, HIV/ AIDS, Hepatitis, Sexual Health (ED/ PME), Smoking – Alcohol – Drugs

Dr. Prof. R K Tuli

Dr. Poonam Tuli

All Family Clinic | Life Style Management | Therapeutic Yoga | Acupuncture | Reflexology | Laser Therapy | Ayurvedic Massages | Aura Chakra Scan | Hypnotherapy – PLRT | Sports Injuries | Energy Medicines | Anti-Aging Medicine | Fertility & Sexual Health | De-Addiction Clinic

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