20May, 2023

In the cause of Service to Humanity and Public Awareness, in this Video titled “SICKNESS TO WELLNESS” – Beyond Allopathy – I present to You, in his words, the story of 28 years young PRATEEK NEGI who was guided to this Centre by his own uncle as he remains CURED of his Bronchial Asthma which was treated over 25 years ago. Prateek suffered from debilitating Respiratory Allergy since his childhood, and in addition from unpleasant Body Odour, termed BROMHIDROSIS. The patient expresses remarkable recovery from all of his ailments by dedicated Holistic Medicine therapy comprising various drug-free modalities of Ayurveda like Yoga & Bhedan Kriya (Acupuncture) within 8 weeks. What needs to be highlighted is that he enjoys his HEALTH & HAPPINEES like never before, and even mentions to attract more success in his work. This work further adds to fulfilment of our Vedic Motto, “सर्वे संतु निरामया” = “Sarve Santu Niramaya”. i.e., May all remain Healthy and No on Suffer in any way!