A ray of Gold to all suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS): Dr. R K Tuli

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a poorly understood condition primarily characterized by debilitating, persistent or recurrent fatigue, increased physical and mental fatigability, cognitive impairment and widespread musculoskeletal pain -due to which in some quarters it’s known as Fibromyalgia, and by some as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).  

INCIDENCE: We may not have any statistics available in our country, but !e US National Health Interview Survey population of persons ≥18 years of age in 2012 reported 1.75% of population or 3.94 million people to be suffering from Fibromyalgia. is illness is catching on to be an epidemic, most probably as another life-style disorder adding to growing basket of morbidity all over the world.  

INTRODUCTION: It’s considered to be an acquired illness that affects all the body systems; predominantly the neurological, psychological, endocrine, musculoskeletal, and immune systems. During the past two decades, there have

been heated debates about CFS among researchers, practitioners and patients

about its underlying pathophysiology and effective treatment such as antidepressants, stimulants or antibiotics, etc. A lot of multidisciplinary literature is found about CFS. But, a majority of patients continue to suffer indefinitely from its unabated morbidity, generally even without any symptomatic relief from hit and try medications.

This article is an honest effort towards raising awareness about the drug-free, efficient and reproducible model of health that has repeated success in each of the patients coming from different nations and continents leading to total elimination of their suffering and restoration of positive health and total wellness ‘Body, Mind & Spirit’. !eir individual experiences are reproduced below in their own words for authenticity.

This therapy is based on optimum synergy of the ‘science’ of modern with the ‘art’ of various drug-free and thus harmless modalities of recognised alternate (CAM) systems of medicine, termed Holistic Medicine. It restores ‘Health in All’ without using any medication.

It may be taken as a clarion call by the main stream medical profession, researchers and health authorities to explore its efficacy through large scale trials to develop scientific protocols for the benefit of the humanity at large.  


Beneficiary from CA 91304, USA

SONAM SARI N , states ,“After several years of wandering from Dr.to Dr. in several hospitals in the U.S. to end relief from debilitating body aches & stiffness, loss of libido, dizziness, depression and Chronic Fatigue, which had taken the smile out from my life, I came down to India in search of remedy to my problems.

To my amazement, and also to the relief of my family, I started to show signs of ENERGY & ENJOYMENT almost instantly. Smile has, once again, returned to my gloomy face and as I feel fully assured, I am now returning home with all the vitality and happiness to pursue goals of my life. In the meantime I have found a ‘GURU’ in Dr. Ravi Tuli, who has infused me with health, youth, happiness, and taught me how to live a qualitative life!”

Beneficiary from Sector 19-B, Chandigarh

YATHARTH VERMA, shares, “My woes started in the summer of 1999, when an unexplained Muscle Myalgia gripped me following an episode of Viral Flu. It gradually developed into a full :edged Chronic Fatigue Syndrome comprising constant debilitating Pain & Stiffness in my whole body. I suffered from Migraines, Sleep Disturbances, Fogginess in my brain: total Lack of Focus, Severe Vertigo & Tinnitus, Blurred Vision, multiple Food Allergies-Irritable Bowel, Kidney Stones and Hyperlipedemia; topped by recurrent Idiopathic Pneumothorax – each time rushing me to hospital in emergency.

No medical tests were of any use; many medications were prescribed; I tried life-style changes, my food / eating habits, etc. But, everything fell :at with not even an iota of relief.” I was told about a friend’s friend who had been fully cured of similar ailment by Dr. R. K. Tuli at New Delhi. No time was wasted, as the Doctor after assessing my condition first explained to me the nuances of Holistic Medicine therapy. I found his explanation to be very logical and I accepted the treatment schedule prescribed by him with full faith. And, here I am penning down my HONEST TESTIMONY after just 3 months of starting the treatment.

All of my symptoms mentioned above are no longer there, and I feel good like I’ve not felt in the last 13 years. I am no longer on any medication. I sleep well and I think much clearly. I feel full of love which can now be transferred to my wife and my son.

My wife and friends tell me that I’ve regained the aggression I was known for. My Body & Mind have undergone such changes that I have started enjoying life, again, after almost 13 years. To me Dr. Tuli is a SAVIOUR!!”

Beneficiary from Darap, Sikkim

B. LIMBOO reveals, “I came to know About Dr. Tuli’s Holistic Medicine Clinic from a popular ‘Body-Mind-Spirit’ magazine. I was suffering from Severe Headache, Hotness in Head, Perpetual Fatigue & Exhaustion, Bodyache & Stiffness, Stress-Anxiety, Depression, Nervousness, Lack of Concentration, and total loss of Confidence in life. If I didn’t come to Dr. Tuli at that time, I would have been finished! He has given me a new life without a single pill of medication. I’m grateful to him for all round improvement in my physical, mental and emotional health, with a new awareness of spiritual wellness; plus some good motivation. It has been a true miracle for me!! So, I can’t forget Dr. Tuli till my last breath. With my warmest regards and best wishes.”

 Beneficiary from 95800 Caragy St., Christophe, France

MARION HALE describes, “Body, Mind and Spirit are a whole and this whole should be in a good turn of positive energy whatever the situation is this is what I learnt from Dr. Tuli as he treated me of tremendous weakness, sickness, body stiffness, loss of all vitality, mental fatigue, and a state of perpetual dizziness.

Now that I’m feeling really well, my own effort will be to maintain that positivity, boost my immunity and good energy by practicing the art of breathing, yoga, relaxation, aerobic activities, balanced organic nutrition, and maintain my calm. !ank you so much for having been there at the right time for me.” “OM SHANTI”


Beneficiary from London SW16 2Y, U.K.

ANDREW G. GOODE is very pleased to share,” I first met Dr. Tuli just after having spent 3 times in emergency in one month in Delhi’s Apollo Hospital due to great emotional shock and distress, in spite of being on a complex variety of medicines from different doctors. I suffered from long standing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Neurasthenia, Phobias & Tinnitus, amongst problems of Severe Allergy-Urticaria-Asthma, IBS-GERD, Cervical & L-S Spondylosis, etc. Within a few days of this remarkable drug-free Holistic Medicine treatment, not only all my negative feelings, worries, phobias, including my long standing allergies have disappeared, I feel healthy, and have developed a positive outlook on life.

I owe my sincere GRATITUDE to Dr. R. K. Tuli & Dr. Poonam Tuli for this new found freedom in qualitative health.”

Beneficiary: Fmr. Dean Maulana Azad Medical College & Medical Faculty, University of Delhi

PROF. (Dr.) A. K. GUPTA conveys his good wishes, “I had brought my wife Veena Gupta as she suffered from the complex of total Lack of Energy, Mental Depression, OCD, vague Myalgias, Cervical Spondylosis + Vertigo, Restless Legs, Hyperlipedemia and Borderline Hyperglycemia, among other problems.

I was fed up with allopathic treatments. I am thrilled with the improvement she has shown and will continue with it till she is in absolutely positive health. I wish more people take advantage of this drug free Holistic Medicine therapy. My Good Wishes & Blessings to your mission of Holistic Health.”


Dr. R. K. Tuli, who is a globally established pioneer of Holistic Medicine therapy, explains that the secret behind unique success of this latest speciality of medicine in being able to so easily and successfully cure each of the patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Fibromyalgia and series of other conventionally incurable disorders is always due to complementing the evidence based ‘science’ of modern medicine with the ‘art’ of time honoured Vedic wisdom of traditional (Indian & Chinese) systems of health.

!is wisdom explains the human being as a microcosm of the universal macrocosm. It’s not merely a physical body or its parts as treated by various specialists in allopathic medicine, but a ‘body-mind-spirit’ complex that draws vital life with its functions of reproduction, replication, respiration, digestion, assimilation and excretion from the universal omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient divine energy imparting life to each living entity. It’s natural to it to impart psychosomatic harmony and invisible immunity to human individual.

Any disturbance in this harmony over a prolonged period manifests as a sickness. No external agents or drugs can help restore this natural harmony. But, simple restoration of this harmony through initiating natural ‘life-style’ helps to regulate and restore normal health.

The various drug-free modalities of the so-called alternate systems of medicine (CAM) comprising therapeutic yoga, panchakarma, various modalities of acupuncture, counselling-hypnotherapy, regular exercise and healthy nutrition as an all inclusive therapy help to initiate healing and restore positive health and total wellness. It’s usually useful in all diseases in improving the outcome of every sickness, enhancing the very scope of modern medicine. Thus, its optimum utilization by qualified doctors shall go a long way in mitigating sufferings of people, and restore the old glory of medical profession!

Dr. Ravinder K. Tuli is a global pioneer in spearheading the clinical concept of Holistic Medicine. He is the founder of Society for Holistic Advancement of Medicine “SOHAM”. He was invited to establish the world’s first-ever Department of Holistic Medicine at the state-ofthe-art multispeciality tertiary care Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi in year 1996.

Dr. Ravi Tuli is a 1964 batch alumnus of the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. He has been medical adviser to Air Force Sports Control Board, as well as Indian Hockey Federation representing India in several events abroad. He’s been official doctor of Pakistan & West Indies cricket teams touring India. Dr Tuli has been rewarded with various national and international accolades.

E-mail: tuli.rk@gmail.com;

Website: www.holistic-medicare.net

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