Dr. Purnendu Kumari

Dr. Purnendu Kumari, Chief Medical Officer C.G.H.S., Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi wrote on 11th August 2006, “I was diagnosed to suffer from Takayeshu’s Disease, a rare type of serious arteritis due to autoimmune disorder with no definitive treatment in the world of modern medicine. I survived left sided Hemiplegia, after which my life got complicated. I also developed Diabetes as a side-effect of drugs. The Holistic Medicine therapy helped me a lot to overcome my ailments; besides I’ve learnt the way to lead life with positive attitude, and I feel a new force & energy within me to carry out my life with ease. I’ve learnt many things, which will also help me professionally. I wish Dr. Tuli may long continue to serve the humanity and give new direction to healthcare.” It’s heartening to learn that she does not only enjoy her own positive health more than 10 years later, but inspires the same amongst her patients at perhaps the most coveted appointment in her cadre.