Dr. Anand K. Gupta

Dr. Anand K. Gupta, Former President Indian Medical Association-SDB,  Senior Dermatologist & Family Physician said, “I am pleased to share that I had brought my bed-redden mother to Dr. Tuli’s “SOHAM” Clinic nearly 20 years ago as she suffered from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis with multiple crippling deformities. She had, also, developed serious side-effects to drugs including heavy dose of prednisolone prescribed to her at AIIMS, New Delhi. I am highly obliged to Dr. Tuli’s team and the drug-free holistic method of treatment for total cure of my mother from the very cause of disease, recovery from all the deformities and her freedom from heavy toxic medication. It was a medical miracle that stands proven till today! My mother has now crossed the age of ‘80’ years and she continues to smoothly manage her entire household including my ‘handicapped’ sister!! Long live Holistic Medicine!!!”