A Panacea For All Musculo-Skeletal & Joint Ailments Due To Trauma, Inflammation Or Degeneration: Dr. R K Tuli

An interaction with Dr. R. K. Tuli, the global pioneer of Holistic MediCare, reveals his passion in spearheading the all inclusive and comprehensive model of health care that complements the ‘science’ of modern medicine with the ‘art’ of various drug-free modalities of recognised traditional systems of health to make available an universally curative, easily accessible, most efficient, cost-beneficial and highly reproducible model of health to eliminate all sickness from root cause and

restore positive health and total wellness, ‘body-mind-spirit’ in all. Holistic Medicine = Modern Medicine + Traditional Medicine (Allopathic Medicine complemented with drug-free modalities of Alternate Systems of Health.  

Case Study : Ms. Jennifer Tytler

Ms. Jennifer Tytler, the Principal of J.D. Tytler School, New Delhi, states, “In year 1992 when I came to Dr. R. K. Tuli, I was bed-ridden for previous five years due to pain and disabilities of cervical spondylitis, three slip-discs in my lumbar spine, and sero-positive rheumatoid arthritis involving every joint in my body. I had been treated by the best specialists here, and later hospitalized under leading Doctors in London and New York. But, of no avail.”

“Within three months of drug-free Holistic Medicine therapy comprising diifferent modalities of Acupuncture, Therapeutic Yoga and the Healing Touch of Dr. Tuli, I was miraculously CURED of all my ailments that have stood good with me over the last 25 years.”

“A few years later I suffered multiple fractures in my left ankle. But, when after six months of advised orthopaedic treatment and physiotherapy, pain and discomfort didn’t subside I had to think of Dr. Tuli. Once again, I recovered fast and have been ever since freely wearing my favourite but forbidden ‘stilettos’. The whole world should adopt this whole-some therapy that restored me to fully enjoy health, fitness and wellness in spite of the years added to my age.”

She likes to add further, “Dr. Tuli’s therapy is truly Holistic in the literal sense that it addresses the person as a whole. It didn’t merely help my body or all my joints and entire spine concurrently; it brings an unimaginable equanimity to the mind and uplifts the spirit of the person to another level! The holistic role of his therapy was confirmed further when I developed High Blood Pressure a few years later – all the tests and medications by leading cardiologists couldn’t control my B.P. over six months. But, within seven days at Dr. Tuli’s Clinic and 20 years later my B.P. has remained within normal limits without any drugs, in spite of all the ups and downs of life!!”  

Case Study : Mr. F. R. Wilson

Dr. Tuli presented the remarkable complementary scope of Holistic MediCare by pictorial evidence of a 76 years old Royal Air Force veteran, Mr. F. R. Wilson, who came to him as a ‘cripple’ in miserable drug-resistant pain and wasting of his left lower limb due to inoperable advanced Spinal Degeneration and Severe Arthrosis of Left Hip Joint, as endorsed by following X-ray images: The X-Rays No. 1 & 2 reveal severely advanced degeneration of lower spine and left side pelvis including the hip joint. After commencement of Holistic Medicine therapy, the patient had total relief from pain within 4 weeks. With continued therapy, the affected limb showed significant progressive structural improvement, regeneration and restoration of function over next few months, as supported by images at no.3 and 4, respectively. An orthopedic surgeon commented that this natural recovery and radiological restoration is certainly beyond any expectation, while such reconstruction is not possible anywhere in the world!

According to Dr. Tuli, as evidenced by the pictures, Mr. Wilson got relief from his pain within a few days and about six months later he had regained full range of movements in the spine and hip joint. He was a fully rejuvenated to be able to do all yoga asanas, squat freely, and even became an exercise freak to pedal exercise bicycle for 30(!) kms a day. He truly resumed to ‘Live Life Fully’ with jest greater than any 18 years old.  

Case Study: Mr. Anil Mittal

The 35 years old patient suffering from Severe Low Backache, radiating down the Left Lower Limb developed weakness to be unable to walk, or stand due to numbness in the lower limb and foot drop for the previous six months. He was advised urgent decompression surgery by all spinal and neurosurgeons. But, he was reluctant to undergo surgery as no surgeon could assure him for complete recovery from pain, numbness and foot drop. He commenced treatment w.e.f. 13th October 2009, and started showing subjective clinical improvement just after the first week, and felt full restoration of strength , mobility, sensation, and function of his whole limb. The repeat MRI on 14.1.2010 revealed natural decompression commensurating with patient’s full and complete recovery.

Case Study :Arjuna Awardee Ms. Chhaya Adak

Ms. Chhaya Adak, had represented India in Weight Lifting at several international meets and turned a national coach after retirement from active sport. She states, “I came to Dr. Tuli in year 1992 for treatment of my pain and chronic injuries in almost all the joints of my body and spine, accumulated over the years as a result of my sport.

Within a few weeks of commencing holistic therapy I recovered from all problems I started feeling so good that with Dr. Tuli’s encouragement I resumed active weight lifting, once again, and soon found to do better than ever before! A few months later I bid for Gold Medal at Asian Weightlifting and won a Bronze Medal at the World Championship in Bulgaria. Even now, I feel perfectly fine.”

Following her achievements in international forums, Chhaya Adak received the coveted ARJUNA AWARD from President of India in year 1995, and rewarded with the job of Assistant Commandant in CISF.

Dr. Tuli highlighted that it’s perhaps unique in the history of world’s sport that a retired sportsperson, turned coach, bounces back into active sport and achieves heights never attained before. There are a few more sportsmen who have brought glory to the nation in the form of medals at international meets, received Arjuna Awards and other accolades following his support. The list includes the only Asian gold medalist in golf, hockey players Dhanraj Pillai, Dilip Tirkey, Gagan Ajit Singh, Deepak Thakur, and Prabhjot Singh, etc. To name a few cricketers, he informed that Allwyn Kallicharan of West Indies and Manoj Prabhakar are the famous beneficiaries of his treatment; besides Nikhil Chopra, Rahul Sanghvi and Murali Karthik could play for India only subsequent to successful therapy of their respective ailments with him.

Dr. Tuli has, been, himself an international mountaineer of significance. He was instrumental to conquer a virgin peak along with a Japanese team in the Lahaul-Spiti region of Himalayas which was named, after his then fiancée, Mt. Poonam in year 1973. He has been Medical Adviser to Air Force Sports Control Board and the Indian Hockey Federation. CONCLUSION: It’s revealing that this holistic model of health based on non-medical or surgical interventions offers excellent and lasting curative rates, often beyond the best of conventional medicine worldwide, with lasting rehabilitation of various inflammatory, degenerative, or traumatic musculoskeletal, joints and spinal ailments. It, also, helps recovery from sports injuries in quickest possible time; in most cases restoring health capabilities even much better than the best of the same person ever before.

Large scale studies shall further establish complementary role of Holistic Medicare in improved post-surgical rehabilitation of patients, and also a healthy scope for those who need a major surgical correction but are medically not fit due to systemic ailments; as well as those whose outcome after surgery has not been satisfactory or rehabilitation is inadequate.

The all inclusive and integrative approach to health termed Holistic MediCare, available at the unique Dr. Tuli’s Clinic helps to extend the best of each system of medicine, at the same time overcome inherent deficiencies in the respective systems, to offer a ‘synergy’ of all of them to ensure ‘Health For All’ at all ages of life, and all stages of every sickness. This latest speciality of medicine is called Holistic Medicine. It’s a board certified specialty in the U.S. for nearly two decades, and is catching up very fast amongst all the developed nations. Therefore, it’s high time that we adopt it into our health care and make our living years happy and productive.

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