Mission Total Wellness March 4, 2018 Body-Mind-Soul, Dr (Prof.) Rvi K. Tuli, Dr Ravi K. Tuli, Dr Tuli, Holistic Medicare Facilitates This Very Force In Getting Well, Holistic Medicine, Holistic Medicine = Modern Medicine + Alternate Medicine (Alternate = Traditional Indian / Chinese+ NewAge Medicine), Legacy of Healing,PERSONAL EXPERIENCES OF TOP DOCTORS, THEY CAME FROM FAR OFF LANDS, V. V. I. P. Beneficiaries Of Holistic MediCare, What is Holistic Medicine, Why Holistic Medicine Pioneering the clinical efficacy of Holistic Medicine and highlighting the ‘Body-Mind-Soul’ approach to health, Dr (Prof.) Ravi K Tuli has achieved global fame in concurrently curing nearly all chronic and incurable diseasesRead More →

An interaction with Dr. R. K. Tuli, the global pioneer of Holistic MediCare, reveals his passion in spearheading the all inclusive and comprehensive model of health care that complements the ‘science’ of modern medicine with the ‘art’ of various drug-free modalities of recognised traditional systems of health to make available an universally curative, easily accessible, most efficient, cost-beneficial and highly reproducible model of health to eliminate all sickness from root cause and restore positive health and total wellness, ‘body-mind-spirit’ in all. Holistic Medicine = Modern Medicine + Traditional Medicine (Allopathic Medicine complemented with drug-free modalities of Alternate Systems of Health.   Case Study : Ms.Read More →