“Another ‘feather-in-the-cap’ of “SOHAM” having established its credibility as the globally ‘Unique’ Centre of Holistic MediCARE & CURE, promising Eradication of All Sickness and Restoration of Positive Health & Total Wellness ‘Body-Mind-Spirit’. This ‘unique’ centre has a proven record of eradication of all sickness at any stage or any age, that too without the use of any medicines or medical interventions by initiating the inherent natural healing force of the individual. The hallmark of this therapy is that it’s highly predictable, reproducible, and sustainable – meaning the CURE is permanent and for ever as it helps to eliminate the very root cause of the disease.Read More →

New Delhi: Holistic Medicine practitioners in India have for long been telling and practising what this year’s recipients of Nobel for medicine have claimed as a new principle of cancer therapy. Nobel recipients’ research has underlined that the immune system of cancer patients can be converted into most effective weapon to eliminate their deadly tumours. Holistic medicine works exactly on the same principle but whenever its practitioners showcased their success stories and testimonials, they invariably invited jeers and ridicule. Their cancer cure testimonials would be dismissed as anecdotal. Holistic Medicine practitioners think that the reason for which the Nobel for medicine has been awarded vindicateRead More →