SICKNESS TO WELLNESS – Beyond Allopathy: A Case Report on more than successful recovery of a patient suffering from Severely Debilitating LOW BACKACHE. A large number of people suffer from Chronic & Acute Backache making it one of the leading cause of pain, morbidity and loss of man hours all over the world. It leads to low medical category and invalidment from service on health grounds in thousands of personnel from the Indian Armed Forces. It’s not only an abrupt loss of carrier for the individual, but a huge loss of highly trained manpower from the Indian Army, Navy & Air Force. It adds to life long suffering for the individual, at the same time additional financial burden for their healthcare as well as pensionary compensations. The Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS), like rest of the nation, have been conventionally based on the allopathic system of modern medicine. In spite of all the benefits of this system, the whole world has recognised its serious limitations as well as their long-term iatrogenic effects. In consonance with our National Health Policy, and directives of Ministry of AYUSH, the various modalities of AYUSH systems are being initiated at different AFMS institutions. But, drugs of no two different systems can be prescribed to any patient, concurrently, in view of unknown hazards of drug interactions. At the same time, drug-free modalities of various recognised systems of AYUSH can complement best practices of allopathic medicine to improve the final outcome of every sickness at all stages of health. This synergy of various drug-free modalities of traditional systems of health with modern medicine is termed Holistic Medicine. The testimony of one eminent personnel of Indian Army in this video recording highlights the efficacy of Holistic Medicine therapy in ‘quick recovery’ from a resistant ailment. What is more important is that it enabled him to attain the peak of his professional glory, and physical. mental, emotional as well as spiritual wellness in terms of ‘quality-of-life’ beyond any specific system of health! This case story, supplemented with many more, should lead the authorities in AFMS to trigger the Ministry of Defence & Health, respectively, to lead the whole nation and spark a revolution in healthcare in the country and the whole world. JAI HIND